Godliness and environmental health

If you dedicate your life to God and specifically to the notion that God created this earthly home we inhabit, is it not incumbent upon you to protect this earth? I take heart that a number of believers of various faiths do live a very earth-devoted life that complements their religious devotion, but I’ve recently run across a number of local church officials who are absolutely dropping the ball. I don’t think its purposeful, but tunnel vision religion isn’t doing anyone any good.

I don’t understand the disconnect I see between so many people who profess to love God, or even to do God’s work here on earth, who are content to continue to severely damage our environment and communities, putting human and ecosystem health at risk. Are they just not thinking it through? Are they lazy? Selfish?

Had a conversation the other week with a local pastor about the lawn chemicals they pay a contract lawn service to spread on their lawn (2,4-d and dicamba products). The church is across the street from my son’s elementary school and for a week or so we were smelling their chemicals on the playground, never mind the fact that we, and a host of neighborhood children, have to walk right by the church grass to get to school every morning. He was pleasant and kind and seemed interested in learning; I was grateful for his willingness to chat. I hope that our conversation sticks with him and when decision-making time comes around next spring that they’ll think instead of just inviting a lawn service to charge them to poison their parishioners and the surrounding neighborhood.

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