The dose makes the poison? Not so with Endocrine Disruptors…

Common wisdom in the chemical community has been the understanding that the dose makes the poison. For all this time, testing and safety has been ruled by the concept — the greater the exposure, the greater the risk. With new research on endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), this notion is turned on its ear. Turns out that different doses of EDCs have *different* health effects…from very low dose exposure’s ability to turn on different aspects of certain genes, leading to a preponderance of long term health issues like asthma, attention issues, diabetes, obesity, AND cancers, to high doses’ extreme toxicity and death. Unfortunately, regulation testing (what little is done for the marketplace) is missing the boat completely on the low dose aspect of chemical safety.

By low dose we’re talking everyday exposure, the BPA from the receipts at the grocery store or library, the lawn chemicals used by your neighbor, the soap you might use to wash your children’s hands. This very low dose that its hard to escape IS affecting you, and more notably, your children, in ways that can alter their lives forever. Your endocrine system is the hormones that control how your body works and develops. Hormones work in miniscule amounts, so a little disruption goes a long way.

Regulation is going to take time and the chemical industry is going to fight tooth and nail…but you can do a lot to protect yourself and your family now:

  • Avoid long-acting antibacterial products, anything that says Triclosan, Microban, Triclocarban or Antibacterial. These products might include handsoap, toothpaste, various cosmetics, even pencils and a lot of other products. Read your labels!
  • Never use chemical weed or lawn products and stay far away from anywhere they’ve been applied. Recognize their smell and go the other way. Talk to your neighbors and explain to them that there is a better way to keep the lawn green and healthy without the chemicals because they harm everyone.
  • Manage mosquitoes without a chemical service. Remove standing water, wear long clothing, avoid being out at dusk when possible, try vitamin B1, use natural deterrents. Mosquito Squad and similar services spray permethrin which is NOT NATURAL no matter what they say and is a serious danger to your family, pets, and the ecosystem/environment.
  • Refuse the receipts. Most thermal paper receipts, from groceries, stores, ATMs, are coated with bisphenol-A (BPA). This loose BPA is readily transferred to your skin and absorbed into your body.

All of the chemicals above (plus many others!) have endocrine disrupting capability. Keep yourselves safer by avoiding EDCs whenever possible.

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